5 football reminders for pushy parents!

When it comes to our children, we all want the best for them; however, encouragement and wanting to push them to do their best can sometimes tip over into something less helpful, especially when it comes to playing football. Here are five reminders to help you and your child to get the most out of their game.

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Practice makes progress

You would not expect your child to have one piano lesson and then sit down and play a full concerto, so how could you expect a child to do the odd training session and then turn up and play brilliantly in a game? Your coach will do their best; however, you need to give them a chance by helping your child to turn up for as many practice sessions as you can.

Even Ronaldo and Messi would struggle to excel in jeans

Football training kits are important. Clubs should provide details of what is required and you should ensure your children have the correct kit and take it with them when they attend any sessions.

There are several outlets for purchasing team kit, including online stores such as https://www.kitking.co.uk. It should therefore be relatively easy to get your youngster ready to go.

Silence is golden, especially on the touchline

Don’t be that shouting, controlling parent on the touchline trying to give directions to their offspring. Cheer and shout when the team does well or scores, but keep your other comments to a minimum and let the youngsters play.

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The FA promotes respect; therefore, respect all the children on the field and let them play.

Be realistic and let them have some fun!

It might be nice to imagine you are nurturing a future Premier League star; however, the reality is that most players will not get anywhere near this level. Try to be realistic about your child’s natural talent; encourage them to be the best they can be; and let them simply enjoy playing the game.

Winning is good, but it isn’t everything

Although there is nothing wrong with celebrating winning, one of the best life lessons we can teach our children is how to lose gracefully and learn from our defeats and mistakes. Sometimes taking part, and even having fun, is the best prize your child will receive.