Month: November 2018

How long should you keep tax records?

The deadline for filling in a tax assessment is the January after the financial year, so you should now be starting to think about your tax [...]

Facebook faces a class action lawsuit after using its facial recognition technology

It is clear that Facebook does not go through the best moment. The Cambridge Analytica scandal is uncovering many questionable practices on the part of the [...]

Keep a diary of meals and exercise: a good help when losing weight

Often, especially when we want to lose weight, we underestimate what we eat and overestimate how much we move. That is to say, we perceive that we eat less [...]

Cleaning the Orville is not as easy as you think

I was so excited to be starting my new job as head cleaner aboard the Orville. I had trained for this for years and had worked on many other star ships, but [...]

The Range Rover Evoque 2019 evolves to become a mini Velar microhybrid

It is not a restyling, but the second generation of the Range Rover Evoque , whose first deliveries in the European market will be made in early 2019. The [...]

How to get an investor for your project

You have a business idea, but do you need resources to carry it forward? What are the investors setting before investing in a project?  Business [...]

Some things to avoid before having Botox

If you’ve decided to get a Botox treatment, you’ll want to know how to get the most from your experience and understand any pre and post treatment [...]

Transform your bedroom and become the fashion of rosewood

The rosewood is more fashionable than ever. It is no longer the color of a couple of decades ago. Now, it's a sophisticated color that triumphs in hotels, [...]

Why should my company have a blog?

Many of those who are in charge of a company will have asked you at some point what is the point of having a blog for your company. The complexity of the [...]

5 Advantages Of Long Term Trading

Both short term and long term trading can be effective trading strategies, however, long term trading has several significant advantages. These include the [...]