Month: June 2018

Planning For A Properly Accented Room

When it comes to customizing a home, some people find that they cannot make a decision. They may not know about the options available. If this is not the case, [...]

Five contract management tips for the public sector

Whether a full OJEU process or a tendering exercise, successful procurement will result in a contract with a supplier. This is when the hard work really [...]

Busted: 5 Unsanitary Secrets Restaurants Tried To Hide

There’s an old saying, “You can run, but you can’t hide.” Unfortunately for restaurants who prefer to skirt around some of the niceties of proper [...]

A New Retail Adventure

Attention all entrepreneurs! Do you already have an idea for your future business? If you answer yes, feel free to stick around. You never know what may change [...]

Six unique training methods that work

When it comes to training within a company, there are numerous issues to address, beginning with the firm’s goals. Image Credit By ensuring that [...]