5 Reasons To Consider A Winter Wedding

Winter is the most magical time of the year, so it could be the perfect season for a fabulous wedding. Here are the top five reasons to plan your big day around the best-loved holiday, Christmas.

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 More availability

One of the best perks of having a winter wedding is that there’s so much availability for venues and services, as summer weddings are more popular. Bookings are likely to be packed during these busy months, but once winter rolls around, the spaces will open up – giving you more options to choose from. Your guests usually have more free time in winter too, as they come back from summer holidays and travel home for Christmas. You can also have your Wedding at home, maybe in the back garden in a marquee as long as the garden is big enough so that would definitely be something to consider if moving home. If you are looking to move home and want the latest Conveyancing News, why not go to a company such as Sam Conveyancing.

Hearty winter menu

Christmas is a time for yummy treats and hearty meals, so serve up some traditional dishes for your winter feast. The cold weather makes it perfect to choose heavier main courses and classic comfort foods like stews and soups are also cheaper menu options. You can serve any of your Christmastime favourites, including festive beverages such as eggnog and mulled wine!


In the run-up to Christmas, there are plenty of amazing holiday deals and sales that you can take advantage of when buying things for your big day. For example, shopping Black Friday deals could help you snag beautiful wedding guest dresses and other amazing wedding deals, whilst keeping to your budget.

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Festive fashion

If you had a summer wedding and planned for outdoor activities, you’d be constantly checking the weather updates, wondering if you need a jacket and praying that it doesn’t rain. With a Christmas wedding, it will be cold, and it will most likely be raining, so you’ll already be planning for that. You don’t have to worry about outfit layers, overheating and sweating because the cold weather will take care of it. Your guests will also be prepared for anything and will enjoy choosing magical winter outfits and wedding guest dresses.

Be unique

You’ll certainly stand out from the crowd with a magical wintry wedding! Not only that, but you’ll be joining rich and famous celebrities who also chose a magical Christmastime wedding, such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Queen Elizabeth II.