Getting paid for writing what you have been seeing is like eating chocolate while watching TV. Everyone enjoys, thus it gets real hard to get into this life and make a living out of it.


  1. Travel Writer makes fortunes – This is the biggest lie one would hear for their entire life if they haven’t been a part of this travel content writing job. Some people have made a good amount of money form this, but mostly people are part time travel content writers. Most publications don’t even pay to travel content writers as their most of the publications are free. You have to be experienced to get established and paid well.
  2. Travel- Keep a Diary- You are a travel content writer – That sounds so beautiful, serene and easy going but it’s everything opposite to what we just mentioned. It’s not just the diary entries that they are interested in, you have got to give more than that. As these travel content writing jobs are not high paying jobs plus the editor gets more than hundreds of entries on a daily basis, so you need more than just entries to make your position justified. Give them angles and twists etc.
  3. Holiday will be funded – Initial days are going to be hard. There will be no funding of any kind; you have to travel on your expenses. Once you get recognised, published you might be having sponsors, but that’s a long shot. If you are in for the short term fast returns, then it’s a no-no for you. And you need a huge number of audiences to make money from blogging only.
  4. The reader loves to get into details – If you were writing each and every detail of your travelogue, it would look too self-centred one. Self-centred writers tend to think that everyone wants to know minute details of their day, that is always wrong. Even in the well-published stories spotlight will seldom be shining on the narrator. If you find your travel content writing job interesting, regardless the money and time then keep on publishing it, edit edit edit till it gets better and then the best. Don’t give up on it.
  5. Hungry Editors for new writers – For every slot in the article, there are more than hundreds of travel content writers eyeing for the travel content writing jobs. So the story is nothing but a lie. Editors have loads of materials about the subject, and most of the new travel content writers are not up to the mark so mostly they are not taken into any considerations. The freelancing of the jobs such as travel freelance content writing jobs delivers the results better than new bees and without any cost.