Lets move to Gloucestershire

Why would anyone want to move to Gloucestershire? There are many reasons why you should. First off all it has some of the most beautiful countryside that the UK has to offer. So much of it is left unspoiled that you can take yourself off into the wilds of the Cotswolds to get truly lost in this green and pleasant land.

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If that is not enough then you can spend many happy days touring the many villages that the County has. They are full of picturesque Cotswold stone cottages that turn a honey coloured hue in the setting sunlight. They might even have a quaint little pub that you can enjoy a meal and pint in.

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Next there are the towns and the one City. Gloucester itself has the mighty Cathedral, the finally resting place of Kings and the site of a famous literal magical school. The docks, once bustling centres of commercial activity have become bustling centres of retail and hospitality plus there is the brilliant Waterways Museum to visit. Cheltenham has its world famous Racecourse with the much visited Festival in March.


If you like History then you have definitely come to the right place. We’ve already mentioned the Cathedral at Gloucester but that’s just the tip of the Iceberg. There are plenty of Country houses, Neolithic long barrows and Roman Villas and remains to see as well. So if you want to keep yourself busy and live in a lovely country environment to do it, why not have a look at Park Homes Gloucestershire by visiting the link. You’ll see some lovely properties to buy and get start on.