BaseTrip is the web that tells you all you need to know when traveling to another country

When we travel for the first time a country there are many things we overlook, and how many times we have returned home after vacation thinking about how good it had been for giving us better informed about prices, currency or sometimes confusing world of plug types used in each location.

In an attempt to streamline our preparations before a trip, BaseTrip is a website that is offering on a single page all the information that we will need when traveling to a particular country. It offers practical information from the plug type, currency or customs when leaving tips, but quite another to be considered as the location of the embassy of our country, emergency numbers or vaccines we will need.

BaseTrip is the web that tells you all you need to know when traveling to another countryAs simple as choosing origin and destination

Once we enter the web and we preselected is our country, and all we have to choose is to choose the country for which we want to inform and give the button ‘Get Travel Information’. Then, on a single page so that we do not waste time browsing, we will show you everything you need to know.

The information is displayed in square similar to those of Google information. They will see the average weather forecast every month of the year to know when it is better to go, type of plugs they use, their currency, the credit card they use, the cost of living compared to our country of origin or customs when leaving tips.

It also tells us how much it costs to buy a SIM card, which uses GSM type and major carriers. It gives information about Internet speed and from where we can connect, or what the calling code if we want our friends and family can contact us while we’re there.

Finally , we provide information about health insurance or vaccines necessary to travel there , how is your workday and what are the emergency numbers such as police, ambulance or fire. We also tell you where to call if we lose our credit card or the location of the embassy of our country. It also has a separate section of Tips , where travelers leave helpful tips on each destination.

And as often visited such web but then we do not remember it, BaseTrip gives us the option to set a reminder. What will travel to London in three months? For within that time frame we will send an email with the web address where they offer information about United Kingdom.