5 Things You Should Know When Planning a Holiday

The best time of the year is when you’re planning a holiday and making arrangements for your trip. After you chose your destination it’s time to make some more detailed plan and include all the activities related to your trip. It’s always easy to forget something, whether it’s arranging your airport transfer or booking a private tour, so we suggest you follow these 5 steps and make the perfect plan.

  1. Make initial budget

Before you start making plans for your trip, it’s important to have a budget. Many things will depend on how much you are ready to spend. Airplane tickets, accommodation, airport transfer, food and drinks, tickets for museums, are just a few of the costs you need to take into consideration. Always leave some extra money for shopping and souvenirs, as well.

Open an Excel document and list all the costs you can think of related to your trip. Make a research and check how much is the actual cost for every item. There are also many travel apps which can help you plan and keep track of your budget.

  1. Search for good flight and hotel deals

Unless you’re in a hurry, take your time to make an online research for good deals. Airlines and hotels often give discounts for early booking or have seasonal discounts. Also, today there are so many websites for flight and hotel deals where you can get the latest information. The good thing about deals is that you can save money you initially planned to spend and upgrade to a better hotel, for example.

  1. Book your airport transfer in advance

Once you arrive at the airport, you will need transportation to your hotel. The public transport network extends to the airport, so there are buses and trains running from the airport to the city centre. In some big cities, there is a metro line operating from the airport, as well, which is a fast public transport option. Public transport is a cheap option and especially convenient for solo travelers or if you carry light luggage.

For a comfortable and stress-free journey, we recommend you book your airport transfer in advance. There are airport taxi transfer providers which offer affordable door-to-door transfers. The service can be booked online and you can pay with credit card or in cash to the driver. The taxi fare is fixed and depends on the location of your hotel.

  1. Learn how to get around the city

The good news is that almost every big city has integrated public transport organized according to the visitors’ needs. You can combine bus, tram, and metro to get around the city with a single ticket. Check if there are daily or multi-day passes so you can save money on transportation. All you need is a map and good orientational skills or an app on your phone.

Visit the website of the public transport provider and learn more about the route, as well as, the schedule. If there is an option for online booking, make a reservation prior your arrival. Some of them offer a discount for online booking, so you might end up saving some money.

  1. Make an itinerary

Visiting a new city can be overwhelming as there is so much to see, usually, in a short time. It’s always good to have a plan and choose the attractions you would like to see, while you can leave out some and save it for next time. You can check online the opening hours and tickets. Keep in mind that these places are usually crowded and check if prior reservation is needed.

Another option is to book a private or shared tour with a local guide on some of the websites offering this service. This is especially convenient if you would like to learn the history behind the landmark and have a nice time, without stress. Ask your airport taxi provider, as well, for a quote for a private tour. This is a good option if you want a flexible schedule and itinerary.