What to wear to a dance class?

The answer to this question depends on what type of dancing you’re going to be doing. You’ll want different clothing for ballet than you would for street dancing, for example. However, a general rule of thumb is that it should be comfortable, breathable and suitable for the activity.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of high energy and intricate moves, such as ballet or gymnastics, for example, then you might want more tight fitting clothing that won’t hamper your ability to move. Leotards, catsuits and leggings are popular options for this kind of exercise.

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For more relaxed dance classes, such as street dancing or line dancing, for example, loose fitting and casual clothing is perfectly acceptable. Think joggers, t-shirts, trainers or even jeans for example. Whatever you’re comfortable in will usually work well for this type of dancing.

Footwear is probably the most important aspect of any dance class. The right shoes will give you better balance, improved grip and provide the necessary support for the steps that you are doing. Tap dancing requires tap shoes, for example and ballet also requires specific footwear. For salsa or ballroom, you may want to invest in supportive sandals or lightweight canvas pumps, for example. Find out more about Salsa Classes London at rvdance.co.uk/dance-classes-london/salsa-classes-london/

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A good material to choose is lightweight cotton as this offers good breathability, absorbency and is soft on the skin. If your budget is more generous, you could invest in specific dance/athletic materials that have been designed with enhanced performance for exercise.