Why an Orangery is a Good Choice for your Home

When it comes to extending your home you have many options – you should talk them through with a professional architect or someone like one of these construction companies Manchester who will be able to ensure that you achieve the home of your dreams, and may be able to suggest alternative options that you may not have considered.

One option that is a very popular way to extend the home is an orangery. Orangeries are similar to conservatories, but there are some differences which can make them a little more appealing than a traditional conservatory.

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Like a conservatory, they are built on a concrete foundation, but they have more bricks than a conservatory, which usually consists of mainly glass. This can make them a more popular choice of room, as they have more versatility and tend not to get so warm but do introduce a lot of light into the home.

It is the roof of the orangery that is made of glass, making it a fantastic and versatile room and a great way to extend the home.           You will find that you have a few more options with an orangery extension and can use it to extend rooms that you wouldn’t be able to with a conservatory, such as a kitchen.

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In fact, orangeries make excellent kitchen extensions, as the flood of light that they offer from the glass roof makes it a great place to work, cook and entertain, and with open plan living becoming much more popular it blends seamlessly into your home.