Bathroom Home Improvement

Are you wanting to renovate your tired old bathroom, but don’t know where to start? The first thing to do is get a rough idea in your head of how you want it to look, how much you are willing to spend, then get a piece of paper and make a plan. Many bathroom showrooms will go over the plan with you, and even come to your house, and discuss plans with you, take measurements, give you a price guide, they don’t normally charge for this service. They can do all the work for you, as many sub-contract works to plumbers, tilers etc. They do everything from ceiling to floor, including lights, even the cosmetic side, soap holders etc. So you haven’t got to wait for workmen you’ve arranged yourself to ‘fit you in’. Also if there are any problems you just go back to the showroom, and they get it all sorted out for you. After all it’s their reputation on the line. It does pay to shop around though, and also go for recommendations, from family, friends and neighbours, as not all are as genuine as they appear to be.

There are lots of different styles for bathrooms, you could go for chic and elegant, or something that’s in keeping with the rest of the house. Also colour could be a difficult choice, as there are so many to choose from, also think of it as and when you come to sell your house, would the new owner like a pink or avocado suite? Personally I think white suites are best, as it contrasts with whatever colour tiles you have on the walls quite nicely. Also decide if you want a bath, shower or both, depending on the size of your bathroom of course. Whirlpool baths are becoming quite popular, if you opt for one of these, make sure the holes are done at the factory, otherwise if they have to be put in, you could be left with one ruined expensive bath.

bathroom home improvement ideas

Lighting can also be a difficult choice, you could have little spotlights built into the ceiling or the walls, also you want to be able to see to do hair make up etc. If you have small children can they reach the switch in the night if they need to go the bathroom? Pull cords are best for this.

Decorating isn’t too much of a problem as you could have the walls tiled from ceiling to floor, you can buy bathroom paint these days, which holds the moisture and doesn’t leave drips of water running down the wall. There are special wallpapers and pastes on the market too.

Flooring can be tiles, vinyl or carpet, though some people have laminate wood flooring. You could also have under floor heating put in and use the space you would have had for a radiator for something else.

Bathroom home improvements can be expensive, but if you work to a budget, your new bathroom will last for years.