When Cold Turkey Isn’t Enough – Some Quit Smoking Aids That Work

Smoking is a habit, which makes a person slave of it. Thus when one decides to quit smoking, it is most matured decision. However it is necessary to take certain aids when one wants to quit smoking. Many who are trying to quit smoking are going “cold turkey”. Now the question is what is cold turkey? It actually refers to the situation when smokers are just stopping abruptly without the use of any quit smoking aids that are available to them. This may lead to some problems initially. But still some people with strong will do it.

Do you want to discard all these nicotine from your body? Going cold turkey may help to get excessive nicotine out of your system quickly, using within a few days or so. But one must keep in mind that the withdrawal symptoms are usually pretty severe and will have strong results and there are chances of physical discomfort also.

It is a pathetic sight to see a chain smoker itch and be desperate of having it again. Thus it is important that you take help of quit smoking aids. Can you rely on local shops having these aids at their disposal? Well the aids from over the counter at your local pharmacy seem to have good results for those who use them. They are usually very affordable and easy to use, and have few side effects.

Now let us discuss some quit smoking aids when Cold Turkey is impossible. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is a popular choice for quit smoking aids. This may include the patch, gum, spray, or inhaler. These products work by allowing nicotine into your system gradually over a longer period of time, thereby reducing your cravings for a cigarette.

Some Quit Smoking Aids That Work

In this way the person may get used to such a situation slowly and steadily. Cigarettes have many harmful chemicals. These chemicals are very bad for health and may even harm to the extent of asthma and cancer. Additionally, the chemical reaction that happens when one burns cigarettes causes those around a smoker to suffer consequences as well, something that doesn’t happen with the patch, gum, inhaler, or spray.

You must visit your physician and he will prescribe you the medicines. Other quit smoking aids may be available from your doctor and are in pill form. Most are considered mild anti-depressants, and work by calming and relaxing you, thereby decreasing your nervous habit of reaching for a cigarette. However before you start any such over the counter medicines for aids to quit smoking, you must consult your doctor. There may be some side effects.

If you have very strong will power to quit smoking and your body is ready for such harsh and severe withdrawal symptoms then you can follow Cold Turkey. There are many over the counter aids to quit smoking. Just try them out under doctor’s counseling.