Staying ‘Food Safe’

Food safety is not just something for families to worry about, it’s of major importance for the food industry as a whole and particularly restaurants. It is important to know how to prepare food safely and hygienically to prevent illness.

The main elements for good food hygiene include:

Cleaning practices, storage of food, preparation and cooking

Food safety is vital as everyday individuals get ill from food they consume. Food poisoning can be caused by the presence of viruses, parasites and bacteria in food. There is often no visible sign that food is contaminated as it may not taste, look or smell different from normal.

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Food poisoning can cause gastroenteritis and dehydration or health problems potentially even more serious, such as kidney failure. Food poisoning can be serious in infants, children, the elderly and pregnant women because they have a weakened immune system.

What is the importance of food safety in the food industry?

Food safety is an important science that is concerned with handling, preparation and food storage in such a way that it avoids illness of a foodborne nature. It includes a series of methods to be applied in order to prevent serious health hazards. For more information on what a BRC Audit entails, visit a site like MQM, providers of BRC Audit services.

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For the food production industry, there are considerations around food safety, the origins of food, the labelling of food, hygiene practices, additives and pesticides. There are also important policies surrounding issues of biotechnology and guidelines for the management of imports and exports, with government inspections and required certification schemes.