Pain in the left arm: What can it be?

People who are experiencing pain in the left arm means that some area between the shoulder and the wrist suffers intense discomfort. It can be caused by an injury, but it can also be a sign of a more serious physical problem.

In many cases this pain can be focused on some area in the arm, but can radiate to the neck, spine or chest due to the large number of nerves, muscles and arteries that exist in this area.

Many people are alarmed because pain in the left arm is associated with heart problems. On many occasions, do not think the worst when you begin to experience pain in this area, but you should determine what other symptoms are paired with the pain in the arm, to get the necessary attention and make it stop.

Causes of pain in the left arm

There are several reasons for pain in the left arm of all the possible causes that a person can experience, discover them below:


It is one of the most serious causes of pain in the left arm. People who suffer from angina often feel chest pain that can radiate to the shoulders and back of the arm.

In more severe cases, heart attacks can cause pain in the left arm and chest, which feels like a feeling of tightness and arm tearing. If the pain suddenly appears or feels very strong, these signs should be taken very seriously, and if the pain in the chest and arm is associated with nausea, dizziness or sudden and overwhelming weakness, it will be important to get help immediately.


The poor circulation can often make your left arm suffers pain, because the latter is often more affected than the right, the direction of blood flow in the body, and if it is a circulation problem, all Your body will be affected.

If you notice that your fingers or extremities tend to fall asleep easily or tend to be colder then these are signs that circulation is not adequate. It can also manifest as a dull ache or feeling of tightness in the extremities, especially when you are not moving for a long period of time.


The stress can cause your left arm suffers from pain and stiffness; In periods of stress due to your work due to work difficulties or problems in your personal life, stress can manifest itself with physical symptoms.

It is not uncommon for chronic stress to cause dull pain in the left arm, which may grow over time. Panic attacks can also lead to chest pressure or pain in the arm, which can feel very similar to a heart attack.


Certain medications can contribute to poor circulation, which in turn can lead to pain in the left arm over time. If you are experiencing some of the side effects mentioned and have started taking a new medication, you may be suffering from a side effect of the medication.


Sometimes physical difficulties can lead to uncomfortable pain in the left arm. Excessive use of the arm or heavy physical activity, such as lifting heavy objects or exercising two or more days in a row, can cause arm pain. If the pain is severe, you may have damaged your muscles or arm joints.


Poor posture or sleeping in unhealthy positions can lead to pain in the left arm. If you often feel like a sensation of pins or needles in your left arm, and it is associated with problems falling asleep, the arm may be numb, and may have to do with a nerve pinching this area.

This may be due to an awkward position for a long period of time or excessive use of one side of your body compared to the other.