3 Best Ways to Look Like a New Yorker

New York City – the dream city of thousands; also a city for fashionistas and style icons. The girls here are pretty fashionable in their own ways and you will never find two same dresses colliding with each other. Each girl would have her own unique technique to look differently good than the other. The clothes, shoes, bags and look – all are treated with equal essence. One need not go out for shopping brands to get the make me chic look; your closet will have most of the items we will be talking about. It’s all about the lbd, boots, fur jackets, bags and more. It is a street style look that we are talking about here. Take a look at the 3 best ways of a New Yorker Style and dress up like a local.

  1. Black Look – The best look of the New York City is the all black look. Like the name says, everything ought to be black. You can pair up anything black to look like a New York local.

My Favorite way: Assemble a black skirt with black tights and a pair of black heels. Top it with a short black leather jacket and a black stole. Your all black look is ready. Sunglasses and hat should be black too. You can play with the black look by carrying a different colored bag.The other way could be like pairing up a LBD with black jacket and black boots. And your look is ready. To give it an extra zing, wear a colored cap.

  1. Layered Look – The layered look is an ensemble of different clothes matched up to bring in a chic look.

My favorite way: A white shirt with denims and a pair of boots topped with a cardigan or jacket; and a coat to go with. A floral scarf and colored bag will look awesome on the look.You can work it out many ways and in many layers. Just use your creativity and do not overdo it. A layered look will look good only if you have chosen your colors right. Don’t layer all vibrant colors together or all light colors together; mix and match and play with the look.

  1. Short Look – The short look means wearing shorts and still looking chic. It is not true that shorts form a part of your day to day or casual look.

New York fashion people brought a pair of shorts into formal wear and the way they carry it is like no one else in this world. A simple pair of shorts is paired with a top and boots. This is an uber chic way of looking good.My favorite way: For a formal look, I would prefer brown shorts with a white crispy shirt and brace it with ankle boots and a blazer. For a casual look, I would match orange shorts with striped black & white tee and flat sandals.You can add a short jacket with a tucked in tee or a regular coat with a top and shorts.