Your Guide to Make-Up Brushes

Your make-up bag may contain a whole host of make-up brushes acquired over the years, but do you know what they’re all for? Some small, some large, some with pads and some with bristles but which ones are for eyeshadow and which for blusher? Here is a handy guide to teach you what’s what in your make-up bag:

The Powder Brush

This large brush with a full head of soft, fluffy bristles is your powder brush. It’s designed to spread powder loosely and evenly across your face. It doesn’t layer too much powder at a time which is great for avoiding that caked in look. This brush type is perfect for applying foundation powder, blusher or bronzer.

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The Blusher Brush

This brush is smaller than a powder brush with a more dome-shaped head and slightly longer, softer bristles. As it is smaller, it enables you to add a more concentrated level of product in a specific area, such as you would want to with blusher. It’s soft enough to still blend which is makes it perfect for blusher.

Kabuki Brush

These brushes are very distinctive and have a wide, flat head with beautifully soft bristles. They can be used for a variety of purposes which include putting on powder, bronzer or used to blend almost any product on your face.

Foundation Brush

If you’re still applying foundation with your fingers, that’s ok but think about what bacteria you might be transferring to your face. You could be better off with a foundation brush which come in different shapes including domed, flat or angled. They provide a smooth and seamless application of a cream or liquid foundation. Did you know you should clean your brushes regularly? Many people don’t but it’s easy with the Stylpro cleaner from beauty matters

Concealer Brush

For targeting specific areas, a concealer brush gets right in there where you want it thanks to its small head and short bristles. Whether you want to focus on the under-eye area or carefully cover over a few blemishes, an antibacterial concealer brush is the ideal option to help prevent the spread of any bacteria from pimples spreading.

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Eyeliner Brush

The best type of eyeline brush is a slim and very fine one. Their purpose is to help you create a perfectly thin line of eyeliner in as precise a manner as possible. They do come in a range of sizes and shapes, including angled, winged and smudgers, but a straightforward classic brush is perfect.

Eyeshadow Brush

There are different products for the application of eyeshadow, a semi-fluffy brush or a small wand with a pad. A medium-fluffiness brush will do a better job of applying the eyeshadow and blending it outwards. Pads tend to pick up too much product in one go. An eyeshadow crease brush is also available for blending the product in that hard to perfect area of your eyelid creases. It is smaller, with a pointier tip for eyelid crease blending with ease.