Why should I use toner in my skincare regime?

If you want a flawless and even complexion, adding toner into your skincare regime could be the solution. By unclogging pores and cleansing the skin after you have used heavy makeup products, introducing toner to your evening facial scrub will put you on track for healthier, more youthful-looking skin. But unclogging pores is only one benefit this secret weapon in your beauty regime can bring. Here are a few more perks to using toner.

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It adds protection

Among the many benefits of using toner is an added layer of protection for your skin. By shrinking your pores, a toner reduces the risk of contaminants and impurities penetrating the skin, meaning fewer irritants and fewer flare-ups.

It moisturises

According to Marie Claire, using an alcohol-free toner can actually help seal in moisture – a blessing for those who suffer from dry and dehydrated skin.

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It balances the pH levels of your skin

Toners help restore the pH balance of your skin, which can be thrown out of kilter by cleansing. As skin is naturally slightly acidic and soap tends to be alkaline, the natural balance can be disrupted when you wash your face and the skin has to work harder to readjust. A toner acts quickly to even things up, meaning your skin produces less oil.

It refreshes the skin

Particularly if you have been using heavy makeup products or suncreams which are difficult to wash off, using a toner can soak everything up and leave your skin feeling refreshed. If you have recently had treatment from a Thread Lift Cardiff clinic such as cathedralfacialaesthetics.co.uk/non-surgical-facelift/thread-lift/main you will want to ensure that you continue to enhance the youtful appearance that the procedure has helped to achieve and having a good skincare regime is paramount in this.

It prevents ingrown hairs

Incredibly, using a toner can help to prevent ingrown hairs. Most toners contain alpha-hydroxy acids such as glycolic, which help prevent hairs growing inwards after they have been shaved or waxed off.

While most of us have been using toners almost as an afterthought in our skincare regimes, ensuring you use toner on a regular basis could see dramatic improvements to the overall appearance of your skin. Factoring toner into your cleansing routine can help seal pores, add protection and give you the glowing complexion you deserve. So next time you decide to skip past the toner, pause a minute and think of all the benefits that you are missing out on. YOur skin will thank you for it!