Web design matters: Here’s why

Most website owners would agree that they want their websites to look good, but how many of those owners understand just how much of an impact the design of a website has on visitor confidence?

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According to an article in Forbes, a study into visitor trust in health websites discovered that an astonishing 94 per cent of negative comments were related to elements of the website design, with just 6 per cent of visitors reacting negatively to the site’s content. How can you ensure that your site measures up?

Create a great first impression

Visitors to your site make up their mind about whether they like it within just a few seconds, so you have a very small window to convince them that they should part with their cash on your goods or services. Your products may be superior to those of your competitors, your pricing may be more competitive and your content may be second to none, but if visitors don’t like what they see when they first arrive on your site, the harsh truth is that they will leave before they ever get the chance to find out how good your business model really is.

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Provide a comfortable user experience

Visitors to your website don’t want to waste time trying to find the information they want, so don’t muddy the waters with complicated navigation and confusing page layouts. How many clicks does a visitor have to make to find what they want and make a purchase? You should ideally aim for around three clicks because people get tired of trying to find their way around a website. If you don’t have the necessary skills, hire a web design team. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, and the results will speak for themselves. Whether you’re in Southampton, Stirling or South Devon web design teams can be found that will add real value to your website without breaking the bank, with companies such as https://www.igoweb.co.uk/ providing a clear, structured pricing policy so you know from the start exactly what the costs will be.

Direct the user where you want them to go

Your website design draws visitors in and guides them through your site. Good design ensures that your visitors will want to make that journey, so give them the best possible experience.