Ways to make a dark room brighter

During the winter months, it can feel like the hours of sunlight we experience are very limited.

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Not only can this make our homes appear dark and dingy, but it could be a contributing factor to statistics, reported in The Independent, that suggest a whopping 1 in 3 people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Bringing more light to your home doesn’t need to be tricky and can often be achieved through a few simple and inexpensive methods.

Using mirrors

It’s no secret that mirrors can be a nifty tool for making rooms appear bigger and brighter. Allowing rays to bounce off a reflective surface immediately doubles the amount of light in a room. A well placed mirror, ideally opposite a large window, can achieve this and also complement your decor. Likewise, a collection of small mirrors in naturally dim spaces such as hallways and staircases can achieve a similar effect.

Remove obstructions

Needless to say, any obstructions to your window will block natural sunlight from entering your home. Ensure any trees or bushes are regularly pruned and avoid planting them on the southern side of your home. Not only will it block light, but solar warmth too, which may mean a hike in your energy bills during the colder months.

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Matte surfaces

Matte surfaces reflect light whereas glossy surfaces can produce unnecessary glare. Try to keep kitchen units, walls and furniture matte if you are wanting to increase the appearance of natural light in a room.

Look after your windows

Although it may seem obvious, do not forget that windows are your primary source of natural light within the home. Taking care of them will directly impact on the quality and volume of light that comes in. A firm that supplies glazing suggests that double glazing will save on your energy bills while allowing more light into any room. Keeping windows free of dirt, dust and splatters will also help a room appear brighter.

Place light fittings thoughtfully

Think about where you place your light fittings, as this will dramatically impact the ambience and lighting within a room as natural daylight begins to dwindle. Upward facing lighting, such as lamps, can be particularly beneficial for this. When installing lighting within your home it’s important to be safe so getting a specialist to come in such as a domestic electrician cardiff company to check your electrics is important.  Evergreen Electrical and Building Services are just one option you can try, so before doing any work make sure to ask their advice.