Was it a discussion, debate or an argument?

The other night my husband and I got into a discussion. Well, I said it was a debate and he said it was an argument, so we agreed to meet in the middle and call it a discussion. It all started when we were trying to decide what film to watch for our usual Saturday night movie night. We agreed we both fancied something with Tom Cruise but that’s where the agreement ended. Trying to pick just one film to watch seemed to be an impossible task and we spent the fist hour “discussing” which was the best Tom Cruise film. Here are some of our contenders:

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  • Cocktail the 1988 classic. The film centres around Brian Flanagan who is a Business degree student and he takes up a part time evening job as a bartender to try and make ends meet financially. Throughout the film Brian’s bartending skills improve dramatically and over time he takes a job in a nightclub and as a bartender in Jamaica.   If you have a desire to recreate some of the scenes for a family or office party then why not look into Mobile bar hire in Gloucestershire from https://www.wearethemoversandshakers.com/mobile-bar-hire-gloucestershire/
  • Top Gun. Possibly the best Tom Cruise film ever made. Once you have seen this film it will stick with your forever. It follows the lives and loves of Pete “Marverick” Mitchell and Nick “Goose” Bradshaw. The two men are pilots in the US Navy and fly a F-14A Tomcat. The film has everything, drama, love and emotional moments galore. The film also stars Anthony Edwards, Val Kilmer and Kelly McGillis.

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  • Mission Impossible. The films in this series are amongst the most modern films that Cruise has made and probably the most physically demanding with stunts adorning many of the scenes. The film follows the television series in its storyline following the escapades of Ethan Hunt who is on a mission to uncover the person who has framed him for the murders of everyone in the Impossible Missions Force (IMF). Other actors include Jon Voight, Emilio Estevez and Emmanuelle Beart. There have been five further films making the franchise six strong.

Eventually we were so exhausted from the back and forth decisions we opted for Bruce Willis in the Fifth Element instead. Which Tom Cruise film would you have chosen to watch, any one of the above or perhaps one we didn’t even talk about!