Tower of London Run celebrates 40 years in 2018

Since 1978, the Tower of London Run, in aid of the British Heart Foundation, has been putting joggers through their paces around one of the country’s most iconic buildings. More people than ever are dusting off their trainers to give it a try as the event prepares to celebrate 40 years in 2018.

The imposing tower provides a spectacular backdrop for the run, which takes place around the landmark’s famous moat. Participants are invited to run, walk or jog their way around the course for a distance of up to 10k. With laps of 1k each, it is ideal for people of all fitness levels and abilities, who can choose how much they want to complete.

The success and longevity of the event is down to a number of factors. It raises funds for one of the country’s leading charities, it is held at an iconic location, but most importantly, the jewel in the crown is the event’s organisation, which leaves nothing to chance.

Event safety

Charity events such as this one are extremely popular, with thousands of people across the country taking part each year. It is therefore vital that organisers carry out the necessary safety procedures and ensure that they have suitable event medical cover, which is essential for keeping everyone safe and having fun.

From small to large-scale events, it is reassuring for everyone to know that companies such as are on site, with trained medical professionals ready to respond to any situation or emergency should the need arise.

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Health benefits

There is another reason that people have been returning to the Tower of London Run for 40 years, and that is for the enjoyment they get from activities like this. The health benefits of running are well documented, but according to Real Buzz, taking part in organised events can help with motivation, build up a support network and ensure everything goes smoothly. Add to that just how good these events are for the charities they support and everybody wins.

If you’re looking for a memorable event that’s suitable for everyone, the 40th Tower of London Run might just be for you. Put the champagne on ice, give it a try and wish the Tower of London Run many more happy returns.