Top Tips for Cleaning Your Windows

Cleaning your windows is a task most of us relegate to once or twice a year, yet we love the way clean windows brighten our homes. Our top tips and clever tricks will help keep your windows in tip-top condition, and you’ll discover how easy it is to keep your windows sparkling all year round.

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The Best Day to Clean Windows

Any day that is overcast and cloudy is a perfect window-cleaning day. If you clean windows on a sunny day, the heat from the sun dries the glass too quickly and leaves streaks behind.

An Expert Clean

Deferring to the experts when it comes to cleaning windows and household chores may appear a little extreme, but they have all the best tricks and clever secrets to save you time and elbow grease.

Consider the Whole Area

When cleaning your windows, it’s a good time to consider the surrounding areas, such as curtains and blinds. If you have an area prone to damp conditions, you may want to consider waterproof roller blinds such as those available from Investing in blinds that won’t attract mildew or other bacteria can give your entire room a welcome face lift and help keep your window area cleaner for longer.

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Use a duster or dustpan and brush to prepare the area, removing any dust and grit from the window surface and surrounding frame and blinds. After you’ve done that, apply a layer of floor wax to the window sills outside. The wax forms a barrier and helps prevent a build-up of dirt – it keeps the area cleaner for longer.

Window-Cleaning Equipment

Getting the correct window cleaning equipment is important and a lot simpler than you think. There are numerous natural recipes for window cleaners using ingredients such as vinegar and a plethora of professional window-cleaning solutions on the market, but a bucket of soapy water is hard to beat (and it looks after your hands in the process). Make sure you don’t use antibacterial soap, as it leaves streaks on the glass.

Make sure your squeegee has a soft edge to avoid scratching the glass. A microfibre cloth is great, but an old t-shirt or towel or balled-up sections of newspaper work just as well for buffing and polishing the glass.