Things to consider when choosing a conveyancing lawyer

Choosing the right conveyancing lawyer can be like taking a needle from a haystack. Do you rely on recommendations from family or friends or open your own path and choose for yourself? Are you looking for the cheapest? Or did you want the very best?

Are they on your mortgage lender’s panel?

Choosing a lawyer who is not on the lawyer panel approved by your mortgage lender can cause a host of annoying problems or even result in lending refusal. Try to ensure your solicitor is appointed on the bank or building society panel that you use for your mortgage. If they are not, ask them to register with the lender. Registration can be time consuming and, in a time-dependent market, this can cause problems.

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Lawyers will all charge fees, which can be very extensive, depending on location and reputation. Usually home purchases are a huge drain and pressure on your finances, so be sure to budget for these costs. Those quoting the lowest fees are usually not the best, so be careful if the price is much lower than you expect.


The best way to evaluate a lawyer is to check what the previous client said about them. If the solicitors have exceptional reviews from people they have worked with through the process, you’ll be in safe hands. For a reliable firm of Solicitors Huddersfield , contact Bridge Law. They are one of the top Solicitors Huddersfield in the area.

Ask your family and friends

At some point, those of our friends and family might have gone through the process of buying a home. Having a family-recommended lawyer gives you a good idea of ​​what to expect. Similarly, if they have a bad experience, you know you can discount them from your list.

Check their credentials

Experienced lawyers are likely to be far more prepared to handle your submissions than practices consisting of legal juniors. Don’t be afraid to ask your solicitor what experiences they have and what qualifications they have.

Do not take the estate agent’s recommendation

Estate agents are, at this time, up against numerous financial hurdles and sometimes will offset these issues by having an agreement with a lawyer. Often estate agents will recommend a law firm. This is usually because they have a financial agreement for each client they pass through. This can cause you to receive worse service than if you are looking for your own lawyer.

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Local knowledge can play a role

Although you might be tempted to hire a firm based out of town because they offer attractive prices, this might also have an impact. Hiring a conveyancer from your local area benefits them because they specialize in that location. Local conveyancers will keep abreast of developments and local news that has the potential to influence the purchase of your property. Hiring a local lawyer can significantly speed up the settlement process.


The property buying process can be complicated and confusing, especially if you are a first-time buyer. A professional that you communicate well with during the process is clearly what you should look for. Chasing lawyers and all other hassles that come along with buying property is an additional and unnecessary stress. A good one holds your hands at every step.