Should I buy wine in a box?

In the past, many people avoided wine sold in boxes as they believed that it was of a lower quality than bottled wine. However, in recent years, wine sold in boxes has soared in popularity. Now you can find wine in boxes in most supermarkets and wine stores – but has the wine actually improved?

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Here are the main benefits and disadvantages of wine in a box, so you can decide if it is the right type of wine for you.

Benefits Of Wine In A Box

One of the main benefits of wine in a box is how convenient it is. These boxes are ideal for parties and gatherings as they don’t run out quickly. They are also easier to transport to picnics and BBQs, as they are made of cardboard rather than glass. They last much longer than a bottle of wine – once a bottle of wine is opened it should be drunk within 24 hours before the flavour starts to change. Boxed wine can last up to two months without going bad.

Boxed wine is also great value for money when compared to bottled wine. Normally you will get more for your money with boxed wine, so it is a great way to make your cash stretch further.

According to the New York Times, boxed wine is also more environmentally friendly than bottled wine. This is because the cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable, and recent research has found that the packing system contributes less to global warming than bottled wine.

Disadvantages Of Wine In A Box

The main disadvantage of boxed wine is palate exhaustion. Different wines pair well with different foods. Many people enjoy red wine if they are eating red meat, but they would prefer a glass of white wine if they are eating chicken or fish. With boxed wine, you only get one type of wine, so you may find that you quickly get tired of drinking it. If you prefer bottled wine and you want to find online wine merchants in Northern Ireland, check out websites such as for a large selection of wines.

Boxed wine is a good way to save money, but it is perhaps best suited to people who are happy to drink one type of wine for a week or two, rather than people who prefer variety.