Location, location, location: choosing the perfect wedding venue

One of the most crucial aspects when organising a wedding is the choice of venue. This is going to play an integral role in your big day, will be the setting for your wedding style and the place where all your photographs will be taken; therefore, getting this right is imperative when tying everything together.

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The location

Start by considering where you want to get married. Some couples like to keep it local so that it is easy for family and friends to travel, while others will have a location idea in their head that may be further away.  If you pick a location far away then you could consider getting your family there together by hiring a professional Coach Hire Gloucester company at sites like https://www.johndixtravel.co.uk/.

It is important to consider access for your guests, particularly if elderly guests will be in attendance, and that there is plenty of accommodation there or nearby. This is especially important if you are not keeping it local.

The most important aspect of the location is that it fits your theme. From vintage wedding ideas to glamorous stately homes, the location has to create the perfect backdrop for you and your day.


While you may get carried away to start with when searching for the ideal location on websites to be realistic with your budget. Don’t start looking at a vast array of places that are not within your means and try to plan visits to those you can afford.

It is also worth enquiring whether there are any reductions available for weekday weddings or in different seasons, as this could be a great way of securing a location with the wow factor but without paying through the nose.

Consider everything

While you probably don’t want to turn into a bridezilla, it is important that you ask as many questions as possible when it comes to the venue. You will need to cover all eventualities to make sure the location can provide you with the exact wedding day you have dreamt of for so long.

Before visiting for the first time, think of potential questions you want to ask. After your first visit, gather some more questions to ask the second time. Asking questions about factors such as any refurbishments, alterations or other events occurring at the same time is essential.

It may be love at first sight, but always visit the venue more than once before committing to it, just to be 100% sure.