Is an Attached or Detached Garage Better?

If you’re looking at buying a house with a garage, are there any advantages to having a garage as a freestanding, separate property? Or is it preferable to have one attached to the house? Let’s look at both, to help you make up your mind.

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One of the advantages of an attached garage is that people are often home, especially in the evenings, and are likely to hear someone trying to break in. The householder can set up security lights which come on if anyone approaches the garage, whereas with a detached garage, the sound won’t carry into the house so effectively. Furthermore, if the garage is any distance from the house, the thief will also be out of sight and there will be no point having a security light because you may not be aware of it. Obviously, you don’t want this to happen, but if it does there would be urgent steps that you would need to take. For example, you would need to get your locks changed as soon as possible. If you find yourself in this situation then you may be interested in contacting an emergency locksmiths in Cheltenham .

Security matters not only because you do not want to lose an expensive car, but also because insurers can ask questions about where the garage is in relation to the house. Add to that the fact that many people store expensive equipment and DIY tools in the garage, and it’s not surprising that they are a favourite target of thieves. Recently, expensive motorbikes have also been targeted. The good news is that the website ThisIsMoney, reporting on garage thefts, quotes insurance policies that will pay up to £2,000 for goods that are stored in a locked garage.

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Another advantage of attached garages is that even without heating of their own, heat is transmitted through the ground and walls of your house. This can help remove some moisture from the air and keep nasties such as mould at bay. Each time they do this, they raise the temperature and lower the moisture level in the attached garage. And, of course, household items such as freezers are often stored in attached garages.

Surely there must be some advantage to a detached garage? Yes, there is a huge advantage – you can go in there and work on your car or do a bit of DIY in peace and quiet.