How to plan your garage shelves

If your garage is in such a mess that your car no longer fits in it, you can’t find anything when you need it and you can hardly get through the door, then it could be time to do some planning.

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A well-organised garage will have a place for everything, and everything in its place – and that includes the car.

Here are some top tips to help you organise your garage shelves, in order to make the most of the space you have.

What to keep there

The first thing to consider when reorganising your garage is what you’re going to keep in there – apart from the car, that is.

According to HGTV, anything which could be affected by fluctuating temperatures (that is, extremes of hot and cold) should be kept elsewhere.

Remember that valuables will probably be better stored in the house, too, as security will be better. Check what your insurance policy will cover too, as this could be different for items in your garage.

Also beware of storing any food in your garage, as it might attract rodents. If it’s stored in airtight containers, it should be OK.

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The right type of shelving will maximise your storage space and help you get everything organised into ‘zones’.

For instance, you could have an area for tools, a space you can put a foldaway workbench to do DIY on, somewhere for your garden equipment and a place for car-related items.

You can get a wide range of shelving specially made for your garage space. Specialised garage shelving systems, such as those available at, will help you plan a place for all your gear.


When buying shelving, there are four things to take into consideration – how big is it, how easy is it to install, how flexible will it be for future use, and what it is made of.

Obviously, you want to buy shelving which will be both hardwearing and flexible, so you can adapt its use if and when you need to. You want shelves which are simple to install, and which will be able to withstand the weights you intend to place on them.

Of course, you also want shelving which takes up the minimum amount of floor space, giving you more room to manoeuvre, or even park the car.