How to choose bridesmaid dresses that everyone will love

You’ve chosen your dress, booked the venue and tasted your way through several cakes. Now is the time to select your bridesmaid dresses. Chances are, if you’ve chosen your bridesmaids to be such a special part of your day, you’d like them to look the part, which means picking flattering dresses to suit their shape. Of course, not everyone will agree on the perfect bridesmaid dresses, so here’s what you can do to find something that even the fussiest bridesmaid will love.

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You could have one or ten bridesmaids, so if you’re paying for the dresses out of your wedding budget you need to carefully think about how much you are able to spend. If the bridesmaids are paying for their own dress, ask them what their budget is to stop any awkwardness when you end up choosing the perfect set that is just not affordable for them.

Options for all

It’s unlikely your bridesmaids will all be the same dress size, and even if they were, they may still have different body types. Some women hate wearing strapless dresses, others don’t like sleeves. The saying goes that you can’t please everyone, but in this case, you might actually be able to. Although the tradition of bridesmaids wearing the same dress goes back to Ancient Rome, these days it’s becoming more common for dresses to mismatch. This could include different styles in your wedding colour or different colours altogether. Go with what makes you and your bridesmaids happy.

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Shop around

It’s always worth looking in several places, ideally with your bridesmaids in tow, to find their dresses. You may be looking at wedding venues in Essex at the same time, such as but it’s unlikely that they will all live in the same area, so if one of your bridesmaids recommends a bridal shop near them, then do travel, to not only find the best deal, but the best dresses too.


The look of the dress is obviously very important, but something that is often forgotten is its practicality. Can your bridesmaids jump around and dance in without suffering a wardrobe malfunction? Get them to try them on and go wild. Yes, you might look a little crazy in the shop but knowing whether they will be practical for the big day is essential.