How hosted VoIP can save you money

As VoIP becomes more mainstream, many businesses are looking to move away from their old PSTN and PABX-based phone systems to an IP-based solution that’s hosted in the cloud.

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The telecoms world is gradually moving towards IP, as evidenced by BT’s moves toward phasing out older technology over the next decade. The latest VoIP systems are able to offer call quality and reliability on par with PSTN systems, so the old compromises no longer apply. As a business, why should you think about making the shift to VoIP now, and why is a hosted solution the way to go?

Cost savings

The most significant benefit of a hosted VoIP solution is that it can allow you to make some big savings. There’s no upfront capital cost in terms of buying a PABX as the infrastructure is in the cloud.

There are also savings on call costs. Calls within your own network are generally free, even if they are to a different site, and thanks to VOIP wholesale rates from suppliers such as IDT EXPRESS, calls to national and international numbers can be significantly lower than they are on PSTN systems.

There are also advantages in scalability. As your business grows, it becomes possible to add extra lines or extra DID numbers with minimal disruption and minimal investment in new hardware and software.

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Extra features

Hosted VoIP can also offer your business a number of additional benefits at no extra cost. These can include things like mobile access, so you can take your office extension with you via your mobile phone when you’re out of the office. This is ideal for sales staff and service engineers who are out on the road as it means they never need to miss an important business call.

This also means that you can transfer your number between fixed and mobile phones, so there’s no need for incoming callers to redial if the person they want is out of the office. Conference calling is also much simpler on VoIP systems because it’s possible to have multiple people on the same call without any special technology. Similarly, it is easier for supervisors to listen in to sales or customer service calls. Of course, all of these useful features come to you at no additional cost.