How can I maintain my teeth after whitening procedures?

A pearly white smile can make you look and feel beautiful and healthy. More of us are turning to whitening procedures, but it’s important to make sure you treat your teeth properly afterwards.

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According to the NHS, teeth whitening results can vary between types of treatment and between individuals, but effects usually last between a number of months and three years – Here are a few key ways in which you can maintain your oral health and white smile after treatment.

Follow the white diet

For the 24 to 48 hours after the treatment, it’s important to prevent your teeth from coming into contact with potentially staining food and drinks. Whitening can expose the fine pores within the enamel, leaving them prone to picking up stains.

Stick to milk and water, still or sparkling, but steer clear of juices, fizzy drinks, tea and coffee. If you fancy a tipple, reach for a white wine, vodka or gin. It’s best to opt for light-coloured foods, such as white rice and pasta, chicken, bananas, turkey and white fish. Give coloured food a miss until after the 48 hour period, including beets, coloured fruits and vegetables like oranges and broccoli, plus butter and red sauces.

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Kick the habit

Nicotine from tobacco products will quickly reverse the benefits of whitening treatment, so try to cut down or quit. Likewise, regular drinking, especially of red wine, can contribute to staining.

Avoid extremes and acidity

Very hot and very cold drinks can damage teeth, while acidity can open the pores of enamel and leave your teeth vulnerable. Cut down on the sugar in your diet and reach for a straw to minimise tooth contact with acidic, coloured or very cold drinks.

See a professional

Ensure your whitening treatment is done by a licensed professional and seek a reliable dentist, such as the general dentistry in Leicester offered at for individual advice.

Keep the lippy on your lips

As silly as it may sound, a smudge-proof product may be useful if you find you’re often getting lipstick on your teeth to avoid this causing staining over time.


After a tooth whitening treatment, it can be a good idea to invest in other products that are designed to protect tooth enamel, remove staining and keep your whites pearly.