Get Your Fridge Door Back

As a parent, we often want to display every single doodle and sketch that our little angels produce. However, if your fridge is cluttered with paper and magnets that are driving you nuts – you might appreciate these tips for displaying kids’ art tastefully around the home:

Create an Art Wall

An easy, cheap and effective way to display all your kiddie doodles in one place. All you will need is some string, pegs and a few nails. Hang a length of string with nails at each end and hang all the art work with the pegs. Your little ones might want to decorate the pegs first too if you’re using wooden ones.

Wooden Wall Display

This creates an authentic, rustic look – perfect for a country kitchen décor. You’ll need some stained wooden boards and some wire to hang from them. Put some clips onto the wire to hang the pictures from. This simple, vintage look can be hung in any room – the kitchen, child’s bedroom or conservatory.

Magnetic Frames

Sticking magnets onto pictures can get messy and easily knocked off the fridge door. Magnetic frames are great way of making your fridge look tidier and a lot classier. They come in small, thin frames or thicker portrait-type varieties that will turn your fridge door into an art gallery!

Lap Tray

Why not delight your little one by presenting them a snack or craft time on their very own personalised arty lap tray? Choose one of their favourite drawings or paintings and have it put onto the front of a handy lap tray. It’s the perfect way to immortalise their artwork and they get to see it every day. For Personalised Lap Trays, visit

Painted Frames

An idea for their bedroom or play room, why not have fun by painting the frames right onto the wall? Choose a space to hang their favourite works of art and design some fun and funky brightly coloured frames to paint around them on the wall. It’s makes a gallery to be proud of and they’ll love creating new pictures to replace the older ones when they want a change.

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Proper Gallery

Basic frames can be picked up very cheaply so why not create a space in the child’s bedroom or play area to make a real-life art gallery. Your little one’s sketches and paintings will have a classy makeover and look amazing with the addition of sleek, modern lines and some artistic hanging skills.