Five Home Improvements That Won’t Break the Bank

If your home’s looking dreary, then make some changes. There are reasonable improvements you can make that look great but won’t bust your wallet.

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If you’re thinking of selling your home, then the state of your interior decor matters much more than you think. Here are five home improvements you can try.

Update the Kitchen

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, so we want them to be an inviting place. You can add 4% to your home’s value, and new units will modernise the room. Open-plan kitchens are very popular, and using clever storage solutions will impress buyers. Remember that your appliances matter too, and you can use a Boiler Installation Bristol company to improve the efficiency of your home.

Loft Conversion

As families grow or children get older, it’s natural to want more space. Loft conversions add an extra room to your house and cost around £20,000. They can be used as a bedroom, relaxation room or even as a storage space. Amazingly, a loft conversion can add 20% value to your home. Remember you’ll need planning permission before you start building, so seek advice from your local council.

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Replace Your Boiler

Take advantage of rising heating costs by investing in a new boiler. An old boiler can increase your heating bill by hundreds of pounds each year. If you’re looking for a professional, then a Boiler Installation Bristol company can help. Boiler Installation Bristol can be done quickly and at a reasonable price. Modern boilers will save you a lot of money and have an A efficiency rating.

Brighten Up Your Garden

Outdoor space is sought after by buyers. Gardens that are overgrown and messy don’t create the right impression. Landscape gardeners can advise you on which plants will be suitable for the climate. You can also add a patio or decking to make the garden a more sociable area.

Open the Door

The first thing we notice when visiting a house is the front door. Paint it, add new numbers or purchase a new door to give the home a modern look. Adding new windows also improves the aesthetics of the house. With high heating costs, adding double- or triple-glazed windows is a sensible investment.