Cracking the safe. Some of the most audacious robberies of all time.

You may have seen in some old heist Movies that last bastion of security the Safe. This is where all the money and gold bars are kept and after the robbers have negotiated all the security systems, bars, walls and doors this is the last thing they need to get past. They generally have a clever team member who, armed with just a stethoscope, then sets about trying to guess what the combination to the safes lock is. In this digital age this is a bit of a lost “art” but there have been several attempts to rob banks in some ingenuous ways. We’ll have a look at some of the biggest but if you are concerned and need a Dublin Locksmith then a visit to will help you avoid these “bank jobs”.

  1. The United California Bank. Amount taken, Thirty Million Dollars – This eye watering amount was the work of one Amil Dinsio and his team of six accomplices. Dinsio had heard the false tale that the then President, Richard Nixon, kept millions in the vault for his campaign. They were not subtle and blew their way into the vault and got out with the loot. They cleaned the house that they’d planned the heist in from top to bottom but it was an act of generosity to a Taxi driver, they give him a huge tip, and some fingerprints in the houses dishwasher that convicted them.

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  1. The British bank of the Middle East. Amount taken, about thirty eight million pounds – This was taken from a bank in the Lebanon. As the country was in the middle of a civil war it seemed like the ideal time as things were pretty chaotic anyway. Using some explosives, which weren’t that hard to come by unsurprisingly, the robbers blew a hole through a neighbouring church into the vault. A locksmith was with them, they cracked the safe and the gang made off with gold bars and cash. They have never been found and the value of the stolen goods has since tripled.

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  1. The Brinks Mat Robbery. Amount taken thirty two million pounds.  Sometimes felons just get lucky and the Brinks Mat, once the biggest heist in British history, was one of those. This was an inside job with one of the security guards giving them access to a warehouse. The robbers found not only money but also gold and diamonds. This was way more than they expected and with a cheery “Merry Christmas” to the other tied up guards they disappeared. Most of them were caught and the loot recovered. Except for the gold, that is still out there somewhere.