5 ways to protect your car engine

We all take our car for granted, hopping in in a hurry and expecting it to jump into action every day, but we need to do regular maintenance on our car engine to keep it running economically and in good condition. These are a few ways you can be proactive and keep that engine running:

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Oil lubricates all the working engine parts, keeping them running smoothly without overheating, so it’s very important to change the oil on a regular basis. If this is not done, you will do permanent damage to your engine. In a modern car, the oil should be changed every 5000 miles, and older cars need more frequent oil changes. Make sure you purchase the correct type of oil for your engine – if in doubt, go online for information on this. When you do an oil change, it’s sensible to also renew the oil filter.


The radiator, water pump, thermostat and coolant all keep your car from overheating, so it’s important to regularly top up your radiator’s fluid to enable it to blow cool air around the engine parts. When the thermostat decides the engine is getting hot, the coolant circulates through the engine. The water pump pulls the coolant from the radiator, sending it into the engine block and then back out again to be cooled down. Make sure the coolant is above the marker.

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Air filters keep your engine breathing and stop all the dirt from getting into your engine, so it’s important that these should be regularly checked. If the filter gets too dirty, your engine will be starved of oxygen.


Always check under your car, or simply on the drive where you park, for anything that looks or smells suspicious, as you may have a leak. The main fluids in your engine are the oil and antifreeze, so make sure there are no cracks in any pipes. If necessary, you can obtain spares from places like Mountfield Spares https://www.diyspareparts.com/parts/mountfield/.


Over time, your fuel tank accumulates sediment in the bottom, so it’s important not to let your fuel tank get too low, as this sediment can damage your engine if allowed to get into fuel lines. Try to keep your fuel tank half full at all times to maintain a healthy engine.