15 tips to sell more on your website

If you are preparing your own ecommerce project or you are in a first stage, it is always productive to recode certain points that can be useful and can generate positive changes in your website:

Selling is not just advertising online

Some online stores appear to be 100% focused on Google PPC. That means that your sources of income depend 100% on factors that you will not be able to control. Tip: diversify your marketing strategy

Your website should be friendly and fast

The navigation should be pleasing to the eye and everything you can communicate on 1 page better than 2. How many more steps will increase your abandonment rate?

Your website should be intuitive

Your visitor should be able to find everything that he / she look for in your web being the first time that it navigates in her. If not, chances are you’ll have a second chance.

Incorporate fraud and returns into your accounting

I think that when we do some cost / benefit estimation we have not included it and then there are surprises. This will help you become more realistic.

Visits / Conversion Rate / Average Ticket

These are your 3 weapons, make them increase and you will be rewarded all your work.

Content marketing is king

Spend time generating interesting content for your potential customers. If they think of you as an expert in your sector, it is easier for them to place a vote of confidence by buying your service / product

Treat each social network as it deserves

Facebook is one thing, Twitter another, Linkedin another different and so with the rest. The target audience is different, the language too and therefore your strategy should differ for each. The goal is the same but try to “mutate” the forms, it will be more effective.

Affiliate your Email-Marketing

If you took the same email and send it to 3 different hours, 3 different days and with 3 different issues impacting the same base, you would get 3 different results. Conclusion: Optimize, test, measure and correct.

Contrast the shopping experience

Look to be in touch with the customer to ask about their experience. The information is to be able to change for the better.

Videos and photos give more sales

Whenever you can express with videos or photos, do it, improve interactivity with your customers.

Support the agencies


 It is very complicated that you can master all the strategies in online marketing, so let yourself be advised by good agencies in email MK, SEO, Social media …. Professionalism and experience with a degree.

Segment your market well

Even if you have a mass product, you will always have a more affine target with which your conversion rate is much higher. Locate it and try to make it satisfied.

Mobile & Tablets

 I will not discover that they are already a reality so try to keep them in mind whenever you can.

Check out the great ecommerce

Try to learn as much as you can from those who have already proven to be good in your industry. Do not be afraid to implement it too, you can differentiate yourself in other areas.

It gives all the security to your customers and options at the time of payment

Payment gateway, PayPal…. there are customers for all tastes.