Home Improvement

Reasons to Redecorate Your Bathroom

Decorating a bathroom is quite a chore and many people tend to overlook it but there are many reasons why you should redecorate your bathroom. You may think [...]

How to keep your oak framed garage warm

A frost free garage means that you will not have to defrost your car windows each winter morning, meaning that you are able to have a fuss free start to the [...]

What to remember on moving day

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Top Tips for the Perfect Driveway

A driveway is not only a handy place to park cars, it is also the first thing that people see when they come to your home, so you want it to create a good [...]

Why an Orangery is a Good Choice for your Home

When it comes to extending your home you have many options – you should talk them through with a professional architect or someone like one of these [...]

Home Extension Ideas

The property market is booming at the moment – with the stamp duty holiday, people eager to take advantage are opting to up sticks and move house whilst it [...]

Why having a patio is a great idea

Do you think about ways to improve the look and feel of your outside space? Are you tired of wet, muddy footprints tramped through the house or do you want to [...]

How to Make Your New Home More Comfortable

With the excitement of being in a new home, you’ll be planning what you want to do with your new home, from kitchen remodelling to converting the garage. [...]

History of the humble sofa

Whatever it is for you - sofa, settee or couch – it will definitely be one of the furniture items that you like the most. You can find a variety of options [...]

All you need to know about a stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings provide an innovative method of covering an interior space.  Once installed, these ceilings create a smooth and clean finish that is capable [...]