Polestar already gives us long teeth with the future Polestar 2, a ‘fastback’ 100% electric

Last October Polestar began the production of the first prototypes of the Polestar 1 plug-in hybrid, of which we already know a lot of information, but the [...]

The Range Rover Evoque 2019 evolves to become a mini Velar microhybrid

It is not a restyling, but the second generation of the Range Rover Evoque , whose first deliveries in the European market will be made in early 2019. The [...]

Pimp My Ride. If you can.

What better way is there to prove that you belong on the road than taking a beat up old car and getting some car artists to make it into some unrecognisable [...]

Is It Time to Fix-Up Your Car or Trade-Up?

You've had your car for a few years, but are noticing that it has been needing multiple repairs. This last car issue is leaving you wondering if it's really [...]

Presentation: New Ford Focus

The steering wheel should always convey to you what is going on under the wheels, "says Jürgen Pützschler. I agree, but I'm going to confess to you: this [...]

Campers Enjoy Volksfest Wales Despite the Weather

Volksfest Wales came of age this year, and the dedicated VW camper van crowd turned out in force to celebrate, despite the terrible weather. Image [...]

Choosing A Good Tires And Wheels Package For Your Car

We can upgrade different parts of the car to improve its overall appearance and performance. One of the areas we should focus on is the wheel and tire [...]

4 Startups Revolutionizing the Car Industry

Companies today are constantly changing their offerings. With rapid changes in technology, the car industry is going through significant changes too. Thanks to [...]

Škoda Kodiaq, the Czechs enter the SUV segment through the front door

No date is not met. After a prototype, multiple teasers and some leaks, the Škoda Kodiaq has been unveiled in Berlin. It measures 4.7 meters, it can carry up [...]

The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, the Prius SUV

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
Time flew since Toyota launched the fashion of urban SUV with the first -generation RAV4 (1994), with its body 3-door sporty and compact dimensions. Toyota [...]