Author: Sarah

What causes your drains to be blocked?

The drainage systems that we have in place in the United Kingdom are much more sophisticated than you might first think. However, there are a number of things [...]

Be aware of domestic electrical hazards

Research has shown that nearly half of all home fires in London are down to faults with electrical appliances, largely due to a failure in the device, product [...]

Confused by Garage Door Jargon?

If your old garage door is looking a bit worse for wear or is not offering security and insulation anymore, then it’s time to shop around for a replacement. [...]

Places where scaffolding is essential

Scaffolding is very important in the construction industry, as well as in interior design. But, despite this, obviously, safety concerns remain top of the [...]

Celebrity Memorials

We have been tragically losing so many stars, celebrities and prominent figures over the last few years. Some surprising us, some that made us question a lot [...]

How to tell if it really is asbestos or not?

It tends to be extremely hard to discern whether you have asbestos in your property. While asbestos is a gigantic threat to human wellbeing it is likewise [...]

Deciding on the right coffin or casket

Choosing a coffin or casket for your loved one can often help with the mourning process and is an important part of the funeral arrangements. Here are [...]

Options for a damaged roof

Most commercial and industrial roofing systems will develop issues across their lifespan even though they are designed for long-term performance. This can [...]

Some of the weirdest items found in drains

Be it nappies or razors, there are many items that we know we should not flush down the toilet or drain. As many of us will also know, perhaps through prior [...]

Signs that you could have a rodent problem

1. Chew Marks Are you often finding suspicious marks on things like wood, boxes and any other material? Rats and mice of all varieties and sizes are known [...]