Month: July 2020

Should I go on a spa retreat?

Disconnect from the distractions of modern life and find the inspiration you need to achieve your goals with the guidance of health, fitness and beauty [...]

Home Extension Ideas

The property market is booming at the moment – with the stamp duty holiday, people eager to take advantage are opting to up sticks and move house whilst it [...]

Designing the best break out room since social distancing rules

Break rooms can become a very important part of your office. If you want your team to be productive and satisfied at work, they need a place to take a break [...]

Why having a patio is a great idea

Do you think about ways to improve the look and feel of your outside space? Are you tired of wet, muddy footprints tramped through the house or do you want to [...]

Understanding rubber injection moulding

We use rubber for so many things in the modern world. From the wiper blades on cars to the seals in a nuclear reactor or even on our feet as boots you can [...]

The effects of air pollution

You might think that because the air around looks clean that it clean. However, a lack of visible air pollution doesn’t mean that the air is healthy. Toxic [...]

Staying ‘Food Safe’

Food safety is not just something for families to worry about, it’s of major importance for the food industry as a whole and particularly restaurants. It is [...]