Month: September 2019

Female debt burden rising

According to a recent study conducted by the Debt Advisory Centre, over 50% of single mothers are struggling with the negative repercussions of debt compared [...]

Do you know about these adhesives?

This is what local tradesmen like a Decorators Cheltenham company found at links including  said when asked about their  job [...]

Plasma spraying: the process and its applications

If you need surface coatings that are stronger and denser, plasma spraying is the smart choice. The process is relatively complex when compared to other forms [...]

5 things to know about an ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning is a wonder of the technological age, harnessing the power of sound wave induced bubbles to clean all kinds of items, from window blinds [...]

Choosing the right valve for the most efficient flow

Making sure you have the most effective valves means you minimize the amount of risk that forms a large part of many industrial processes, for example fluid [...]

Great ways to use reclaimed timber

Reclaimed timber can be almost any kind of wood that was once used for a particular purpose and has been restyled and used again. It is a wonderful way of not [...]

Getting Wild in Gloucestershire

If you are heading to Gloucestershire and hoping to enjoy the wildlife, then you are in luck! Not only is Gloucestershire a great place to see many animals in [...]