Month: May 2019

Considerations When Choosing a Ceiling Rose

Ceiling roses are decorative elements attached to the ceiling from which a light fitting is suspended. They can transform the look of a space, adding an [...]

How to make your sports facility more energy-efficient

Sports facilities work hard, whether it’s ventilation, heating or air conditioning. Ventilation is important for providing fresh air, removing moisture and [...]

Cracking the safe. Some of the most audacious robberies of all time.

You may have seen in some old heist Movies that last bastion of security the Safe. This is where all the money and gold bars are kept and after the robbers [...]

Living on a Building Site

Deciding to undertake a big renovation project on your home is no small decision. It’s exciting and hard work but the hope is that the disruption will pay [...]

Making the most of your fridge to store items for your care client

Working in Live Out Care London way for companies such as can see you perfroming a variety of tasks [...]

Is an Attached or Detached Garage Better?

If you're looking at buying a house with a garage, are there any advantages to having a garage as a freestanding, separate property? Or is it preferable to [...]

How to use a bending machine – a beginner’s guide

Pipes are used in a whole host of manufacturing and engineering processes and very often require bending before they can be put to use. So here we take a look [...]

Sun Protection: Don’t Wait Until You Get There

Protecting your skin against the sun is important, but with so many sunscreens on the market and all offering different SPFs and making various promises, it [...]