Month: March 2019

Tips of the trade for hanging art like a professional

There is nothing better than having your most cherished art and photographs hanging around your house to bring you joy every day. With these tips, you will be [...]

Quintessential British foods to try

When it comes to food her in the UK we know what we like and we spend a large amount of time cooking up a feast in the kitchens that we carefully have designed [...]

First ‘intelligent’ motorway system set for Austria

Last year saw the announcement that Austria was going to be the first country in Europe to develop an intelligent motorway system. Essentially, this state of [...]

The beauty of walking the Lake District.

Bordering Scotland and sat high in the North of England is the ancient kingdom of Rhegeld or, as it is now called Cumbria or as it is even better known the [...]

Great ideas for styling your maxi dress

Although it sounds like it should not match, trainers with a maxi dress look effortless and have become a classic look. If you want to wear a maxi dress [...]

How to stay fit in your office job

It has been said that sitting is the new smoking and that spending all day in our office chairs is as bad as puffing away. Fortunately, there are several ways [...]