Month: May 2018

There are flowers you can eat?

Look at a flower and the first thing you probably think is that’s pretty and not that looks yummy. And you’d be right while flowers are generally more for [...]

Will flexible and 24-7 deliveries soon be the norm?

Consumers’ expectations are changing, and delivery companies are moving to meet these needs. The days of simply getting a parcel delivered to home or work [...]

Make sure you duck!

For most people owning a gold sovereign is a nice thing. Its means that you had a bit of cash in the pocket, a nod to your worldly wealth. If you’ve got one [...]

Benefits of Working in an Office

Many people would love to work from home and avoid the need for expensive work clothes and the stress of the daily commute. However, it’s not all it’s [...]

How to keep your carpets fresh

It is important to clean your carpets regularly to maintain their longevity, removing dust and dirt that can linger in the deep fibres and in the long term [...]

The Benefits Of Under Floor Heating

More and more people are choosing the option of under floor heating for their homes; thanks to low running costs and great efficiency, under floor heating [...]

When Contact Lenses Are Better Than Glasses

Many people dislike the idea of wearing contact lenses for a variety of reasons. Contact lenses can cause itchy, watery, or dry eyes, which can cause [...]

Aerial wedding shot of Prince Harry and Meghan goes viral

With over 29,000,000 people turning in to see the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it’s probably fair to say that an awful lot of photos of the [...]

Pimp My Ride. If you can.

What better way is there to prove that you belong on the road than taking a beat up old car and getting some car artists to make it into some unrecognisable [...]

How To Become A Bilingual Business

If you’re looking to branch out your business and begin attracting new customers, consider becoming a bilingual business. Even if the majority of your [...]