Month: January 2018

Tips for Finding the Right Heating and Cooling Company

The best rule of thumb is this: never try to find a heating and cooling specialist when you are in the midst of an emergency. That’s why you shouldn’t try [...]

Why everyone should wear a pair of Dr Martens

Dr Marten shoes and boots have been loved by generations since the sixties. They have always been fashionable but subtly so, a timeless classic of British [...]

Learning The Art Of Sushi Making Is Easy

Try Your Hands At Such A Course If someone told you that it is easy to lær at lave sushi you might probably just laugh. After all, sushi seems to be a [...]

Sushi Could Be A Fun Team Building Experience

A Novel Team Building Exercise If you are looking for a fun team building exercise with a bunch of colleagues who appreciate fine dining, you could enroll [...]

Why ventilation and guttering are so important

If you want to find out more about looking after your roof, then you should know that ventilation is a key factor in the longevity of your roof. Vents are [...]

Scrum Day London to be held on 11 May 2018

If you thought that scrums were something to do with rugby, you have not been paying attention to the latest trends in the world of Agile [...]

Why well-fitted shoes for a child matters

Your child’s first step counts When a child learns to walk, the first thing that comes to a parent's mind is what type of shoes she/he should wear. Shoes at [...]

Simple Beauty Tips For Women: Beauty in your hands…!!

 “For me beauty is not about branded beauty products or makeup kits; it is about being self and presenting self in the best way!” Having interacted with [...]