Month: November 2017

How are mixers used in the pulp and paper industry?

Pulp and paper is a big money-making industry, with demand continuing to grow day by day. How does raw wood become paper and products made from paper, and what [...]

How does WordPress work?

WordPress started out as a blogging platform, but quickly grew and expanded to become a world-leading content management system (CMS). Developers have created [...]

6 Christmas Markets In Spain

We propose a warm visit for the 6 Christmas markets in Spain that are worth discovering. At this time of year the main cities of the country adorn their most [...]

5 Stunning Cathedrals In Europe

No matter what religion we profess, there is no doubt that these great constructions leave us open-mouthed during our travels. We take photos and, if we have [...]

Tower of London Run celebrates 40 years in 2018

Since 1978, the Tower of London Run, in aid of the British Heart Foundation, has been putting joggers through their paces around one of the country's most [...]

Common Horse Ailments

Even with the best care in the world, unfortunately horses can suffer poor health just like any other animal or person. They might experience an injury or [...]

Your Guide to Make-Up Brushes

Your make-up bag may contain a whole host of make-up brushes acquired over the years, but do you know what they’re all for? Some small, some large, some with [...]

Hollow Core Concrete Slab Flooring

Introduction Being one of the most commonly and best used methods, hollow core flooring provides the ideal structural fragment by providing extreme [...]

Hiring a Personal Fitness Trainer: 5 Essential Qualities to Look For

Often staying in shape and getting into a fitness routine can be very difficult. Many people choose to hire and work with a personal trainer in order to stay [...]

Different Christmas Tree Varieties

Real Christmas trees bring something special to the festive atmosphere in your home. The distinctive smell of fresh pine, the fullness of the branches and the [...]