Month: May 2017

How to choose the right sculpture for your home

Investing in sculpture can be costly; in addition, it is essential that it is placed in the right location. A thoughtfully-placed sculpture will have a certain [...]

An introduction to Google’s progressive web apps

Today, more people use the internet on their phones than they do on laptops, which is why Google has spent years trying to improve the mobile internet [...]

5 signs of a great truck driver

To be a truck driver on today’s busy roads requires patience and skill - with effort and dedication, you can become a great truck driver. Image [...]

Welded Steel Bear to be Displayed Near Dunbar

Scotland looks set to get a giant steel bear sculpture by the same artist who created the well-loved Kelpies horses’ heads. An application has been submitted [...]

Top 10 Must Eat Foods in Singapore

Singapore is a warm container of cuisines to consume, combining an abundant culture of meals which includes Indian food, Malaysian, Indonesian and Chinese [...]

Take A Calculated Step

Every deal we make in business is done after a very well calculated step which gives the confidence of having done it in a better way or the best possible way. [...]

Why Is It Important That Your Web Design Is Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile-friendliness is often argued to be an essential asset for modern websites, but what are the main reasons behind the hype it receives? Image [...]

Inspirational summer house design ideas

Who doesn’t like the idea of a little retreat at the bottom of the garden or a place to send your teenage children when you’re looking for a bit of peace [...]

Mausoleum of Augustus receives £5m renovation

The ancient Mausoleum of Augustus has been lying abandoned in the centre of the city on the banks of the Tiber for decades. It is Rome’s largest mausoleum [...]

5 more ways that IT can keep you secure

We’ve already looked at some of the ways technology can keep you secure, but there are plenty of other things to consider. Here are five more useful security [...]